5 Ways to Promote your Business When You Don’t Have Much Money

Trying to promote your business can be a daunting experience when you are on a small budget. The cost to advertise can be beyond your means and social media can often be overwhelming as you try to figure out the best way to make your budget stretch and although you need some budget to promote your business, there are some great ways to indeed get your business known without costing you any money.

Join Online Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn have a plethora of groups you can join within your niche. Look for groups that can be not only beneficial to your brand but that you are knowledgeable about. Contributing your knowledge will get you noticed.

Create a Google My Business Account

Google My Business is free! This tool allows you to add all your information that lets others know all about you when they search on Google. From map location to adding photos, this tool should definitely be utilized allowing you to manage your online presence throughout Google.

Post Interesting Stuff

Regardless of the social media platform you like to use, make sure you are posting interesting information. Don’t just promote your business. Share interesting articles and blogs of others that you know your audience will like to see. Building an interesting page keeps people interested and in turn, makes your brand known.

Join Local Networking Groups

There is nothing that can replace face to face contact. Find local groups where you can network and meet others. Check your local Chamber of Commerce and look online for groups in your area. The contacts you make can be invaluable to your small business

Keep Your Website Fresh and Interesting

Don’t just make it and leave it. Your website should be a great reflection of your brand and should be a constant work in progress. Make sure your information is concise and clear and your site speaks to your potential clients. Visit your own site regularly to be certain your information is still up to date and your site is working well.