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Why Grandma Needs to Use Social Media

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There is no question that social media has become an integral part of most people’s lives and with the move to tablets and smartphones the popularity of social media has grown exponentially.

The senior population has begun to adopt social media but is definitely one demographic group that lags.

The Pew Research Center has posted some interesting and important data from 2013:

  • 59% of Americans over 65 had online access.
  • 27% of older adults use social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Usage of social networking sites by older Americans has been steadily increasing in recent years but has not yet reached majority status—among older adults who use the internet, 46% use social networking sites such as Facebook, well below the national average of 73% of adult internet users.
  • Older women are more likely than older men to use social networking sites. Half (52%) of female internet users ages 65+ are social networking site adopters, compared with 39% of older men.
  • Age within the senior population is important. Some 54% of internet users ages 65-69 use social networking sites, compared with just 27% of internet users ages 80 and older.

The most important and most telling of all the data Pew Research Center shared is the following:

  •  81% of older adults who use social networking sites say they socialize with others on a daily or near-daily basis.
  • 71% of older adults who go online but do not use social networking sites say they socialize with others on a daily or near daily basis
  •  63%. of older adults who do not use internet or social media say they socialize with others on a daily or near daily basis.

“This correlation between social networking site use and increased socialization with others persists even when we control for common demographic factors such as age, income, or geographic area of residence.”

Social networking sites such as Facebook give seniors a chance to share in family and friend’s lives on a level they may not have otherwise. The findings of the Pew Center shows that seniors who have social media access enables them to be more social on other levels. Giving seniors the tools and training to be online and social is something we should make a priority to help combat the isolation and loneliness so prevalent in our golden years.

Read the full report here:

Don’t Understand Social Media?

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Does Social Media Overwhelm You?

The idea of setting up a social media marketing strategy can be a daunting task and many small businesses are ill prepared to embark on such a strategy. I hear time and again “I already have a website and that is good enough for now. I just don’t have time for social media too.”

Well, yes it is a start but having just a website is woefully short sighted. Websites are only as good as their presence. What does that mean? Well if you have a great website but nobody ever sees it then it is just a nice site. Period

Chances are, if you have a website you have heard the word SEO. SEO is the optimization of your site in order to make it have a presence on search engines like Google and Bing. Why do you want to be found on Google? So that people click on your site. You want visitors. You want business.

Here is where social media comes in. Although it is important to have an optimized website, social media can help you with your presence. Posting on social media sites gives you the opportunity to drive clients to your website. People click on your site and you get visitors. The more visitors means you have better chances of converting them to clients. You get business. Whether you spend many hours a week or just a few hours a week on your social media it can only help you get business. Even if you hire a social media agency to manage and maintain your different platforms you should know the basics of each platform you are communicating on.

What is the secret to building a good social media presence?

Understand your client. Pick the social media networks best for your business and start with just one. Work within the time you have not the time you have to make. If it feels like you can’t keep up you will be overwhelmed and you will give up. There is a platform for every business. Time to get social.

Some Social Media Statistics

Some Social Media Statistics

The Facebook Changes You Need To Know About!

Do you frequently push your business information and advertising through regular posts on Facebook? If you do you need to read this!

Although Facebook is the number one social media platform on earth, it is still in the business of making money and as of January 15th 2105 Facebook has changed how newsfeeds are managed.

Facebook announced that it is limiting the amount of promotional material people see in their newsfeed. They are basing this on feedback received from users about organic posts. According to Facebook, users consistently report they want to see posts that are less promotional and more content that is relevant to them.  They discovered “that a lot of the content people see as too promotional are posts from Pages they like, rather than ads.” Facebook notes 3 consistent findings in their survey of users:

  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

As a result, pages who post too much of this content will see a significant fall in their organic distribution.

This does not mean that business pages must cease to use Facebook’s organic newsfeed to drive traffic but rather business page owners must become more creative in what they share on newsfeeds. A more interactive, social approach will be necessary, while keeping the direct advertising of their business reserved through advertising campaigns.

Facebook Business notes that Pages are an important destination for their current and potential customers and are increasing their investment in business pages. “Given the substantial traffic to Pages, we are exploring ways to build more features into Pages. A lot of this is in response to how we’re seeing people interact with business Pages. Some of these interactions include messaging to communicate with a business directly or browsing video and photo content. We’re also exploring ways to better customize Pages based on the industry a business is in.”

So in a nutshell, if you are using Facebook as part of your marketing strategy you are going to have to rethink this strategy in order to keep your presence on the newsfeed. You are going to have to become more social. Your content will matter and you will have to become more engaging. A mixture of engaging social posts combined with a well thought out marketing strategy will help ensure a successful presence on Facebook.


Facebook for the Newbie

Scared of Social Media? Not connected? Facebook can fix that for you.

If you are a small business owner it is becoming almost impossible to avoid some kind of social media presence and for many people it is a scary other-world best left to either teenagers or big companies. Indeed social networks can feel extremely overwhelming – Twitter with the hashtags, Instagram and photos, Linked-in for business and networking  and for anyone who did not jump on the social media train in the last few years, it can seem like an insurmountable, scary  task.

If you are one of those social media phobes Facebook can be a great entrance point in to that scary world. According to Digital Insights Facebook has 1.89 billion active monthly users. A crazy huge number that I am sure as a social media phobe not only scares you but may make you feel stupid. Really stupid. You may feel like you and your great- grandma are the only two people on earth not on Facebook.

Facebook is Easy

The truth is Facebook is easy. It is the one social network where you can set up an account and easily find friends. Maybe you already have a Facebook account that your niece set up for you some years ago that is sitting there collecting cyber dust. Maybe you have never set up an account before. Regardless of your ranking on the newbie scale, Facebook can fix your phobia.

Setting up a personal account on Facebook and getting comfortable with it is the perfect entrance to the social media world. You don’t need to share enormous amounts of personal information and you can begin to build your confidence enough to eventually open a business page. If anything, you will not be one of the few people left who does not have a social media presence. You can stop feeling like a pariah. You will have kicked the doors of the cyber world and you might even enjoy it. You might even get hooked.

A few easy guidelines to keep you from being overwhelmed on Facebook

  • Get someone who knows Facebook well to help you set up your account. It shouldn’t be hard with 1.89 billion people using it. Have them check your privacy settings to make sure you are protected.
  • Find a few close friends you know who are on Facebook and send a friend request. Start with 10. After they have accepted your request you will start to see other requests and people will may start posting to your timeline
  • You don’t have to answer back.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to like other people’s postings you see on your newsfeed. If you see a friend’s post that is interesting or a photo they have posted that makes you happy, like it. People want their posts to be liked.
  • Search your friend’s Facebook page for other pages they like. This is a good way to find all kinds of interests that you may have. Your favourite magazine, news channel, local restaurant. You can also do a search. Very easy.
  • If you are not comfortable posting you can always share things you find interesting that come through your newsfeed. A friend posted a funny video that made you laugh, a relevant blog, a recipe? Click share and post it to your timeline.
  • Birthdays are always a good way to get used to writing on Facebook. You will get notifications that it is a friend’s birthday and an opportunity to write a message to them. Do it. You don’t have to write a note. Just a quick happy birthday will show on their timeline and will make them happy.
  • After you get more comfortable you may want to post a status. If you don’t wish to then that is ok too. Like and share other’s posts

These are just a few suggestions for the newbie. Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Spend a few hours a week getting comfortable with Facebook. Look at what other businesses are posting and within a few months you will be ready to manage your own business page.